Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gina's Junk Thrift & Antique Store Columbus Ga.

Many Customers of the Shop & Viewers of Gina's Junk Blog have asked for an E-mail address.... here ya go...Please, Please No Junk E-mails.
You Can also sign into Google to leave comments (At bottom of each page click on "Comments") :-)

We will open on Sunday's again, starting Sept. 6th,2009

Easy To Find!
I-185 North to Buena Vista rd. Exit #4 turn Right -go 2.5 miles to 6020 Buena Vista rd.

I-185 South to Buena Vista rd. Exit #4 turn Left-go 2.5 miles to 6020 Buena Vista rd.

J.R. Allen Parkway 22/80 East to end-
cross over bridge-
J.R Allen Parkway becomes "HardWood Way" Highway -
turn *Right onto Flat Rock Rd.,
Flat Rock rd. becomes Schatulga rd., Schatulga Rd. becomes Buena Vista rd.
Go to 6020 Buena Vista rd.
(Flat Rock Rd. to 6020 Buena Vista rd. 6.0 miles)

Ft.Benning to Buena Vista Rd.Gate- turn Left onto Buena Vista rd. 1.2 miles to 6020 Buena vista rd.

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Blogger whocares said...

Gina, I believe I know you. Do you remember Ann Johnson? She had long hair, dirty blond, big boned, and very nice. We went to your store a long, long, time ago. I guess you know that Ann passed. I miss her so badly. Your site looks great. I do a lot of jewelry and crafts now. They are good, not bragging. Do you do consignment? Ellen Horn...I have a twin, used to go to Kendrick. Hope all is well with you.

September 14, 2009 at 1:25 PM  

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