Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Treasure Hunt Everytime you shop at "Gina's Junk"

Part 1- this weeks blog is done in 2 parts, please keep scrolling to catch Part 2 of items brought into the shop for this week. Happy Hunting :)

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

miniature anchors for antique toy sail boats

Oak 3 Drawer Chest

Masonic Funeral music

antique iron

Vinatge Painted Well Bucket

Vintage Cannisters

Asst. Buckets, pails,Cans,Tubs

Foot Lockers

Flat Top Trunk

Camel Back trunk

Vintage tubs

Milk Pail & Metal Shelf

Funeral Basket

1970s Explosives explosive containing

childrens oak chairs

Modern Chest on Chest

Antique wood trough Bottom showing added wheels

Antique Wood Trough

Oak sewing table or desk

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