Monday, January 30, 2012

here a pik thar a pik,ere whar a pik pik ;)

~toward end of pics. there could be a pause break between pictures, just keep scrolling, all will show up. Barn wood frame

vintage soap box derby steering wheel

Eastlake? wood chair

vintage childs see saw

metal candleopera

vintage 70s cowhide poncho ,front/back

"Lane" cedar chest,black vinyl cushio top

antique iron pot

vintage wood chairs

vintage flat top travel trunk

vintage metal time card slots

antique iron firewood holder?



lots of windows

orange cabinet-wood

vintage tufted chairs,need reupholstered

oak foot stool

1996 official Grateful Dead ,Jerry Garcia

ornamental iron

side table

Flat top steamer trunk, wood bands-front/side view

3 drawer wood cheast

vintage music cabinet

vintage,metal outdoor chairs

vintage metal seat ,used to be a glider

metal crate-Pinkerton's detective agency

antique iron hooks

vintage childs school desk

vintage soap box derby wheels

blacksmith,horse shoes

Vintage Schwinn Bike

Vintage B&G aerojet bicycle

vintage B& G Aerojet Bike

Laquered wood chairs

vintage folding slat chair "Vansciver"

assorted metal stuff

iron plow wheels & wheels

metal stand for sign

low wood bench/table

abstract shelf

fireplace frame,iron

metal chairs,with legs/without

small red shelf

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