Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still Loadin up the Shop ya'll !

am asked.. how often we bring items in..Everyday!
This mission (addiction;) ) to find stuff has continued for over 25 if not out buying stuff, we go pickin in the old barn or our old shop next door

(lots of cleanin ,wipin & fixin though when pickin from those two places).

& Often asked.where dowe get all this stuff"? .. People call us with items for sale, we buy house fulls,Auctions,some flea marketing etc.etc .. we also have our secret gettin places to ;)
So ya'll come on By , you won't be dissapointed, "Gina's Junk" has most re$onable prices & is "The Most Unique Shop on the Edge of Ga. :)

P.S still have alot of price mark downs & Red Xs (red X on tag =1/2 off price)

vintage pie crust table(minor damage to pie crust edge)
Ladies, vintage green suede jacket

Thermometer,vintage Italy

Ribbon Back Chair

70s Chandelier

Vintage Ladies coat x-lg

vintage embroidered suede ladies coat medium

petite size-golden oak wash stand

vintage ladies gray suede, large

vintage, electric typewriter,Smith Carona "Coronet Super 12" in case-Works like new!

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