Thursday, July 5, 2012

"It's no secret. Gina's Junk personal "American-Made Challenge" -- it's *so* true, when Gina's Pickin'... Like a magnet, both Gina and Mark have a good ol' KNACK for attracting quality, solid American-Made junk, tools, trinkets & trunks. Like a patriotic divining rod for all things American-Made... or "USA Antiques" as she likes to call them. :)" ~ SeanRox :)

  Thanks Sean, yes it's a fun game we play(with a patriotic heart) when junkin..find USA  :)  "Gina's Junk"
 Ladder back chairs headed to the shop
 "Gina's Junk" Thrift & Antiques shop

 the "junkyard " rooster & hen ;)
 Our new baby colt, miniature horse "Trigger" * with Mark, the guy who puts up with me & makes it all possible  ;)  :)
 "Triggers" momma, "Petunia Buttercup" a miniature horse
 The ol' Barn at "Gina's Junk" back pasture-future site of "JunkFest" Sept.8th 2012 (you will be able to purchase tickets at the shop,starting Friday July 6th,2012)
did you know.. up until the early 1970s "Gina's Junk" location was once a working farm..some of the biggest & best hogs around were raised in the back pasture ,crops were bountiful..due im sure to the hogs ;)
 ahhh, the Pear tree's are loaded this year..I'll Post when they're ready for pickin :)
Old Fashioned "Hard Rock Pears" for jam & jelly makin!!!!
P.S. The Pecan tree's are loaded to,should be ready in October :)

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