Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If anyone in Burlington, Iowa has any further information regarding dishonorable misconduct of Officer Jesse Hill or any Police Department member with Burlington, Iowa Police Dept. regarding cruelty to humans or animals, please post or message. Burlington Police reportedly shot and killed my son's mother on Jan. 6th 2015,and shot the family dog. Now, they're blaming the dog and want to kill the dog too... Before any body or dash cams are released. (Officer reportedly shot negligently towards family hitting the dog and killing mother of 2, missing her 3 year old) The IDCI, city attorney, pd will not release any basic bodycam cams, police protocol, training records. Some suspect this secretive behavior for police work is indicative of institutional criminality. Thank you. reposted by Mother of Autumn Steele #releasethebodycam

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