Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Autumn Steele,her dog Sammy ~ Petition to Save Sammy from Death Sentence

To Everyone ~
Autumns husband Gabe and I have discussed Sammy over the last few weeks.
Gabe would Love to keep Sammy...if the powers that be permit this.
We have discussed maybe letting one of Gabes relatives keep Sammy ,who lives in Iowa.
We have discussed offering to completely remove Sammy from the State of Iowa and bring him here to Georgia.
All these things we want on the table along with this Petition for Sammy at the Feb.26th,2015 Hearing.

The issue at hand for now,is Save Sammy from being Put to Death.
Enough has Been taken!
Its what is RIGHT!
We are ever Grateful to all of you ,for All your support ,for all the Love and for the kindness.
Autumns Family,woof woof

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