Monday, February 13, 2012

junkin 101 ;) if you want it buy it.. we all know bout them junkin spirits!

somewhat of a pause between pictures towards end~
Pie safe

Vintage folk art dining table

heavy wood stool

salt/pepper shakers

Large wood frame

Full size, heavy wood~ head/foot board & rails

floral upholstered wood chair

Lane Cedar Hope chest

50's kitchen chrome chair

vintage "Lance" Jar,lrg.

Bar high oak chairs

drop end server,slate top

Mahogany buffet

vintage, wood upholstered arm chair

Mahogany music cabinet (doors removed)

outdoor garden metal

metal wire album stand

wrought iron wood plant/display stand

wood metal table

folding screen

lots of garden metal

& more

shutters with iron door knockers decor

tall rolling metal shelf

& more garden metal

metal garden shelf
medium height

planter stand

tall,garden metal shelf


yep,more garden metal


love these! Delmonte tin cannisters ,england

Airplane computer & reel of airplane pioctures

wood shelf

vintage can and lrg. iron links

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