Monday, July 16, 2012

JunkFest 2012 Cometh..preperations underway!

 Buy tickets online at or at "Gina's Junk" & Fountain City Coffee
 Floor of stage constructed & painted, next a  roof!
 let the posters begin,more to come! Saturday September 8th 2012
partial view of parking area at side gate of junkfest,over 2 acres of public parking
 baby miniture horse "Trigger" in pasture area of where junkfest will happen!
another view of where junkfest happens
 back gate leading to VIP parking for Vendors & Musicians
 Let the Barn painting begin :)
 Construction of back gate
 dedicated volunteers
 some plannin goin on here
 & the master himself ,Ralph :)
 some clean up around the barn
 getting creative :)
work in progress
the junk yard rooster & hen,that Rooster will cock a doodle anytime of day & night ;)
Paint on the Barn , more painting to come :)
Tickets $15.00 each, Vendors space 10'x10' space $40 (*vendor & vendor's helper included )

Peace, Love & Bar B Que ya'll ;)


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