Monday, March 2, 2015

Thank You Everyone! Sammy Saved! Alive & Well at his New Home in Columbus Ga.- Burlington Iowa Animal hearing board 5 person panel voted Sammy NOT VICIOUS. Less Then 48 hours Later ,County Attorney Amy Beavers gave her decision to not charge Cop Jesse Hill for killing my daughter Autumn Steele. Autumn was unarmed when Jesse Hill alledged her dog was attacking him,A bullet struck Autumn in her Arm,a,bullet struck Autumn in her chest. From the time Burlington Iowa Cop Jesse Hill arrived on the scene to the time Autumn was shot was within 59 seconds! In Report from County Attorney Amy Beavers,she ignored the description of Involuntary Manslaughter! Adam Klein ,my grandsons Attorney sent a press release out showing County Attorneys Ignorance of that in her Report ! The Family of Autumn Mae Waters Steele,will not rest!

Sammy still has Sutures after almost 2,months of being shot by Burlington Iowa Cop Jesse Hill,he will be treated by a local Vet in Columbus Ga.,we have yet to obtain his Medical Records from Allgood Vet. In Des Moines County Iowa ( Burlington)

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