Monday, July 16, 2012

Lots of JunkFest 2012 work happening in the pasture behind "Gina's Junk" :)

 French Provencial China Cabinet~ a beauty!
 Flat top trunk
 Metal tool boxes
 red top stool
vintage salesmen/jewelers box ,wood drawers
vintage hard case luggage
 handcrafted, bench,shelf,cabinet ?
 plenty of flat top trunks this week
 retro ottoman
 vintage dove tail box, push brass buttom to open lid
 flat top trunk
 deco vanity bench
 vintage wood windows
 slender flat top trunk
 flat top trunk
 pyrex batter bowls
 1960s barbie books,hardbacks w/covers
 vintage milk bottles
vintage hats, mink w/hat box,feather band & English Bowler/Derby
 silver plate pieces
 silver plate
 silver plate
 lots of flat top trunks!
 Mahogany bow front dresser
 Mahogany library table, book shelf each side (dust not included ;) )
hand crafted horse shoe stand & painted Mahogany ,matching chest of drawers
 Junk Fest Sept 8th 2012, tickets available through paypal ,or can be purchased at "Gina's Junk" & "Fountain City Coffee"
*"Gina's Junk Thrift & Antiques" involvement in JunkFest is only by donating use of land for JunkFest Day, we are thrilled for the community to come together and for the East side of Columbus to have an Event such as this brought to our area. "Gina's Junk" is honored to help in any way we can , so..  please Help these fine hard working dedicated Musicians & Volunteers  by purchasing a ticket or 2 or 3 or 4.  Many more tickets to sell & some vendor spaces left to fill ,it's gonna be a Festive ,Jammin Day ! :)  Gina

P.S. More Awesome Updates Soon 
Junkfest website>

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