Sunday, March 8, 2015

Autumn Steele "Just doing his Job" Jesse Hill shot and Killed Autumn Steele Jan.6th 2015,still no Evidence!

The Burlington newspaper the Hawk Eye published an editorial justifying the actions of shooter cop Jesse Hill.
They said he was just doing his job.

I called and spoke to Hawk Eye manager Dale Allison.
Predictably, he could not answer any of my questions .
He advised me to write a letter.
I did.
They didn't publish it- so here is it:

The Hawk Eye management revealed its true colors in the tragic editorial-- "Reassuring Words."

We now know the Hawk Eye management is a PR firm for the Burlington police department- and not an investigative news organization.

Autumn Steele was accidently shot dead by a cop who allegedly feared a dog- and you say he was just doing his job?


On what grounds do you base that opinion?

The Animal Review Board cleared the dog Sammy as not vicious and ACO Orth (a retired cop [!]) failed miserably to present any case at all.
Sammy was cleared.

Would that not indicate that Jesse Hill fired at a dog that was not aggressive?
Is this not evidence he overreacted?

There is no evidence to the contrary, except the testimony of the cop who killed Autumn Steele.
Do you really think he would incriminate himself?
Was this threat real-- or imagined?

The Hawk Eye has not published one word from BPD as to any corrective action taken since the Autumn Steele homicide occurred. That is reprehensible--an insult to the good people of Burlington.

There is a growing movement for police officers to receive additional training in dog encounters to prevent the atrocity that occurred in Burlington.
Texas, Idaho, Colorado, California and agencies across the country have initiated training.
It is a matter of officer safety and public safety.
In Colorado it is state law- Yes, mandatory training for all police officers- The Colorado Dog Protection Act.

But then we have Iowa and Burlington.
You have no laws or innovative training like this- and the terrible results are self-evident.

The Hawk Eye has not even considered the following questions—yet you tell us to just move along?

Had Hill previously signed off or passed any additional animal encounter training?

What non-lethal means did he attempt first?

Did he follow the department Use of Force Continuum to the letter?

Did he discharge a firearm safely so that no residents were in danger?

Yes, there were other issues on this call- we all know that.
An entirely different subject: Police ability to handle mental health issues and domestic problems.

But to fire a lethal weapon in that tense and crowded situation was reckless- and caused death.
If a citizen took that action- there would be charges.

There must be accountability for police officers.

There must be justice for Autumn Steele.

Tragic accident.
Just doing his job?
Absolutely not.

Jeffrey Justice
Longmont, CO

Dogs Shot by Police, Facebook page

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