Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Official!!! Peace, Love & Country's Barbecue for JunkFest 2012

Hey Ya'll!!!

Look who was in the JunkFest Pasture behind Gina's Junk today. It's Jim Morpeth of Country's Barbecue in Columbus, Georgia figuring out where to set-up for JunkFest Folk Art & Musical Festival on Saturday, September 8th 2012.

Country's is a hometown tradition with 3 locations here and some others scattered. Can't think of a better barbecuer to be a part of JunkFest!

Gina's Junk whole-heartedly endorses Country's because I eat there too, ya'll.

Nothing in the world of barbecue says JunkFest  more than the Country's Barbecue Ford Pinto Barbecue Smoker!

I heard Country's Barbecue can smoke a half a pig in that thing!

Maybe a full pig? I don't know... but make sure you take a picture of yourself while you're enjoying the JunkFest musical line-up. :)

In fact, listen to the Bibb City Ramblers here:

Buy your tickets online: http://junkfestival.com for only $15 a piece while they last!

Bye ya'll,

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