Monday, August 13, 2012

@^ Days, till JunkFest 2012 ~ a few scenes of Funday Junkfest volunteer day ,Sunday Aug.12th

let the sign painting begin with Seanox & Dan Davidson~ look for this sign on Junkfest Day, Sept. 8th,2012
 the lifeguard chair ;)
 lifeguard chair hung on barn
The Chickens now have a "Chik-A-Delic" Coop ;) painting by "Jungle Joe"
Ralph Frank Jr. acrobatic skills, testing roof of Stage, roof passed ;)
 let the Mural began- painting by Gina Langston Brewer
face taking shape, Mark & Gina (Gina's Junk) loving the face :)
  many volunteers have come out to help over the last couple months, hard work but sooo much fun!
 2 Gina's  ~ Gina Langston Brewer slingin paint with Gina's Junk & grandson Kai
 the old wormbed has now become the junk garden- see the catapiller
 coolest catepillar ever!!!
 sweet picture of Lisa Bradfield Powers daughter with the miniature horses
 Peace Dan Davidson
 Kendra Willis & Sean Schoff(SeanRox) at entrance gate to Junkfest
Many more pictures on the way  :)
Don't forget to buy Tickets, 26 Days till Junkfest 2012
you don't want to Miss JunkFest 2012 

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